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What Your Spouse Needs, Part 2

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As you ladies know, men are strange creatures.  In fact, Delores and I have decided that we have nothing in common except that we both breathe air.  Other than that, we are different, I think in every way possible.  But our differences and our love for one another binds us together as a unit. Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | September 13, 2012

What Your Spouse Needs, Part 1

Couple Praying Together

The Bible is an absolutely phenomenal manual for successful marriage! Why?  Because each command to either husband or wife reveals your spouse’s need. Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | August 23, 2012

Honor the Lord with Your Finances

My dad, J. R. Fields, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  After the war he moved his family to Corpus Christi, Texas.  In the early 1950’s my parents attended revival services at DelMar college auditorium.  Dad had $6.00 and the Lord spoke to him to give all of it in the offering.  ($6.00 in the early ‘50’s represented lots of money—all he had for food for his family.)  The next morning, Monday, dad and mom received a $500 check from the Veteran’s Administration.  They said they owed this to him for the days of leave he didn’t take when serving in the military.  A few months later the Veteran’s Administration sent him another $500 which dad used to buy his first car.

Truly, we can rely on Proverbs 3:9-10: “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.”

Introducing Pastor James Fields’ New Book: Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion

Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion

My Latest Book

The pages of Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion suggest practical ways you can add sustainable excitement to your private time with the Lord.

Chapter Titles

  • Introducing Yourself to Yourself
  • The Day I Quit Praying to God and Started Communing with God
  • Breaking Through the Transition Barrier
  • Maintaining Our Communion Chamber
  • Seeing Gardens of Eden Everywhere
  • Effective Prayer Requests
  • When God and Humans Interact

 Click if you would like to purchase a copy of my latest book entitled Leaving Prayer, Entering Communion  It can be yours for $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

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Becoming Expert at Loving Jesus

Hand Made Heart Scripture records lots of very frightening consequences of humanities rebellion against God. 

  •  “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars…nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be famines and earthquakes in various places,” Matthew 24:6-7.
  •  “You will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death and you will be hated of all nations because of me,” Matthew 24:9.
  • “Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people,” Matthew 24:11.

Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | July 26, 2012

Avoiding Shipwreck

The apostle Paul was well acquainted with shipwrecks.  “Three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea,” 2 Corinthians 11:25.  Consequently, Paul used the word shipwreck to illustrate the seriousness of holding on to our faith in Jesus and maintaining a good conscience.  He told Timothy to “fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience.   Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith,” 1 Timothy 18:19.

Faith in Jesus entails more than merely embracing a religion.  Faith in Jesus creates an ever-growing love for him, our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, we strive mightily to increase our emotional and spiritual attachment to Jesus and fight off every human idea or teaching that endangers our affection for the Jesus who sacrificed himself for our salvation. Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | July 12, 2012

The Two R’s

Most of us grew up hearing about the three R’s–Reading, WRiting and ARithmetic.  These three abilities make it possible for us to not only survive in this modern world, but also thrive in it.  Leave out one of the three R’s and life will prove a very great struggle.

Recently as I read 2 Peter 1:12-13 I realized it speaks of the two R’s which are vitally essential to following Jesus and loving him whole heartedly.  Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | June 28, 2012

Complimenting Not Competing

Delores loves the mall.  What’s new?  Me? I like the mall–twice a year.

When Delores and I go to the mall, we make a deal.  We agree to meet in front of the food court at a certain time.  She then proceeds to shop and I proceed to eat.  I start at the muffin shop then it’s to the candy store and the sugar-free chocolate.  Then, it’s a visit to Radio Shack and then back to the food court. Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | June 14, 2012

The Dracena Lesson

Dee and I live in a subtropical climate. Most years it never freezes at our house so vegetation does well. On the other hand, the last freeze lasted three days and lots of our plants died. At least, I thought they were dead.

Dracena’s are spindly plants with very long, narrow leaves. They grow well down here in South Texas except when a hard freeze comes. Our dracena’s appeared totally devastated by the last freeze so my lawn man dug them up. Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | May 23, 2012

Love One Another

Here’s an absolute marvelous listing of “one another” scriptures that help us follow Jesus’ example of love.

            Most Christians know that Jesus wants us loving one another.  Nevertheless, loving other humans proves more difficult than loving God.  So the Lord wisely included several “one another” scriptures in the New Testament.  As we read the forty-three “one another” scriptures listed below, His Word will empower us with the ability to choose love for each other.  When you don’t “feel” love, choose to love.  Christian love produces “feelings” of love, but Christian love never depends only upon “feelings”.

            “For anyone who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen,” 1 John 4:20.

            May His energy-filled Word work His power-packed love for one another into our entire person! Read More…

Posted by: James and Delores Fields | May 9, 2012

Gentleness or Wrath

Here’s a wonderful paragraph written by Mark Melendez, an elementary principal in Sugarland, Texas. Mark’s comments apply to all of us. I hope you are encouraged to practice gentleness.

Two lambs


“Let your gentleness be known to all.” – Philippines 4:5 

“A gentle tongue turns away wrath.” – Proverbs 15:1  

I guess my position as building principal gives me many opportunities to stir up wrath or add fuel to it. It hasn’t taken me long to realize that wrath never ends well. I think our selfish nature figures that it is something we deserve. When someone else does us wrong it’s our duty to make them pay. We often attack either face to face with boisterous well placed, cutting words, or we choose to inflict pain through the long drawn out process of gossip, fault-finding, and devious plots. The result is harmful to all involved. This mindset robs our joy and destroys relationships to all involved, and often to innocent bystanders.

Read More…

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