Posted by: James and Delores Fields | February 14, 2013

Dating Your Spouse

Wedding Rings
“Sometimes I feel like a pastor’s widow,” Delores mentioned.

I was a young pastor working six days a week from early morning until late evening. I rarely came home for lunch since I viewed lunch as a great time to visit with guys in my church. Appointment after appointment filled my day, and visitation consumed most of my evenings. It never dawned on me that my wife sometimes felt like a pastor’s widow.

When I realized how Delores felt about our relationship, we decided that it was time to start dating even though we had been married several years. We chose Friday evenings as our date night. I initiated no more appointments for Fridays and only accepted funerals, weddings and emergency situations.

Our weekly date added tremendous sparkle to our relationship. We loved one another, but the date night helped us become friends. We set all responsibilities aside for the sake of enjoying one another.

Date your spouse. Do fun things together. You dated before marriage—keep dating after marriage. Now that you are married, let nothing hinder you from arranging frequent dates with your loved one. Every date will be a celebration of your marriage.

Blessings on your marriage,
James and Delores Fields



  1. Great thought and reminder for us all! Sandra and I have long held to this healthy and happy tradition in our marriage.

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