Posted by: James and Delores Fields | November 21, 2012

Fast Forward Chapters

Green Fast Forward Button

Let’s be totally honest—not all the Bible is interesting.  In fact, some of the genealogies and other areas I call Fast Forward Chapters.  Since I only use electronic devices for reading, I come to some sections of Scripture that I refer to as fast forward chapters.  At the touch of a button my victor reader speeds through the section in Leviticus or Chronicles or wherever else I am and, poof, there I am at something I can comprehend and not fall asleep.

The point of this blog is:  Don’t give up your Bible reading when it’s boring or uninteresting.  Consistent reading of Scripture equates to consistent breathing—you have to do it!  It’s no sin to skip over a portion of Scripture in order to reach a more stimulating portion of the sacred writ.  It’s a deadly mistake to completely stop reading the Words of God.



  1. Thank you Mr. James for pointing this out-hit the nail on the head. We are all guilty as to politely skipping over scripture that we find the reading too tedious and actually may have difficulty following. However, you are right-let us stay faithful and try not to “skip” too much. You never know- in reading those particular scriptures-we may find an answer to a problem that we have been searching for-God seems to work in such beautiful ways. If we “skip” too much, we may miss one of His answers. Thank you for bringing this “out into the open”-certainly can relate.. Love you, Deb

    • I like what this was called-Fast Forward Chapters. Thank you again for pointing this out. Maybe, sometimes, we need to get stuck in something that we have to read five times to really grasp. As we have discussed, I read the Jerusalem Bible translation from ancient Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew texts. It reads beautifully-very flowing, and at times, almost poetically. Thank you for reminding us not to get in a hurry-skip parts. No doubt, we will miss something important.

  2. Thanks James, my friend, for your customary wisdom. Growing up, I was taught that hurrying through a genealogy or any list was wrong. So as a child and later as a youth I would “wade through” motivated by guilt, and even some fear, rather than with interest or openness. I now “fast forward” because I am hungry for some meat. At the same time I realize that there are important truths even in genealogies of Scripture, so I now see that a separate time dedicated to such study can be rewarding. Negative motivators never produce positive nor long-term results. Your lifelong friend and brother, Roy Smeya

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