Posted by: James and Delores Fields | October 11, 2012

The Plumeria Lesson

Plumeria Plant

Plumerias are large leaf plants that excel in tropical climates.  Hawaiians use the beautiful blooms to make lei’s to adorn the necks of both dancers and tourists.

Plumerias also do well in our hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. Four of these beautifully blooming plants grow along the fence line of our backyard.  One day I noticed the large leaves (about 12 inches by 4 inches) drooping as if the plant was on the verge of dying.  I immediately set up a soaker hose and left it on for about an hour.  The next morning all the plumeria leaves stood reaching towards the sky like they normally do.  Water made all the difference!

It’s the same with humans.  Yes, we all know H2O is absolutely necessary for our physical survival.  We also need the Water of life constantly refreshing our human spirit just like water replenished the life of my plumerias.  Psalm 1:3 describes us this way: “He is like a tree   planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf   does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers.”  Let him soak your spirit with the true Water of life as you spend private time with him.  Your leaves will not droop anymore!

Plumeria Plant

Thank you to Alva Lozano for the beautiful photos of her Plumerias.


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