Posted by: James and Delores Fields | June 28, 2012

Complimenting Not Competing

Delores loves the mall.  What’s new?  Me? I like the mall–twice a year.

When Delores and I go to the mall, we make a deal.  We agree to meet in front of the food court at a certain time.  She then proceeds to shop and I proceed to eat.  I start at the muffin shop then it’s to the candy store and the sugar-free chocolate.  Then, it’s a visit to Radio Shack and then back to the food court.

cat and dog

Do you get the idea?  Delores and I are different.  Shopping rejoices her heart, but it bores me more than I can tell you.

Men and women are very different.  The world regards this difference as an adversarial relationship.  We are taught that male and female differences naturally lead to competition between the sexes.  How ridiculous.

God did not make us different so we could compete, but so we could compliment one another.

The word “compliment’ means “to complete or fill.”  Something that completes and supplies a deficiency of the thing to which it’s added.  Male and female differences actually make up for one another’s deficiencies.  Males are not complete persons without females and females are not complete without males.

Believers in Jesus must reject the worldly idea that our differences require us to fight.  We must accept the idea that our loving Creator designed us so that our differences make up for one another’s lacks.

It’s the same way in the church.  Differences in personality, tastes and values should never be viewed as reasons for disagreement.  DIfferences simply indicate that none of us is complete by ourselves.  We need other people for the body of Christ to become everything He desires.

We must never allow our love of individuality to blind us to our desperate need for one another.  Remember, God made everyone.  If you attack the way a person is made you are really attacking that person’s Creator.

I must go now.–the mall, I mean the food at the mall is call me.

Be greatly encouraged!


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