Posted by: James and Delores Fields | March 7, 2012

Preparing Yourself For Success

In the mid 1970’s Delores and I began consistently reading the Bible book entitled Proverbs.  This book is made up of 31 chapters.  Therefore, we read one chapter a day according to the calendar date: on the 1st of the month, Chapter One; On the 15th, Chapter 15; etc.  In this way we’ve read Proverbs through many, many times.  But, why bother to read and reread such a short book?  Because Proverbs prepares us for success!

Chapter One of Proverbs serves as an introduction to the book.  Verses 1-7 list the benefits for filling yourself with this book:

  • Wisdom
  • Self-Discipline
  • Understanding
  • Words of Insight
  • Acquiring a Discipline and Prudent Life
  • Power to Do What is Right, Just and Fair
  • Giving Prudence to the Simple
  • Giving Knowledge and Discretion to the Young
  • Continuous Increase of Knowledge for the Wise
  • Guidance for the Discerning
  • Understanding the Riddles of the Wise
  • Attaining the Fear of the Lord

Let me encourage you to start your Proverbs reading program.  In this way you will prepare yourself for success and become a promoter of success for others.

God's Word Equals Success


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