Posted by: James and Delores Fields | October 13, 2011

Ruthless Introspection

Dear Friends,

Let me share with you an edited email I recently sent.  Perhaps it will be a strength for you.

 Please read Genesis 37, then chapters 39-50.  Joseph’s story helped me so very, very much during the trials I went through during the early 1990’s.

I practiced lots of ruthless introspection, self-criticism and self-depreciation.  Trials and tests will do that to us if we allow it.  So one evening in Japan during early 1991, I was convinced I had never done one good thing in my whole life.  I figured all my trials and sufferings were due to my own faults and frailties.  About that time the Lord clearly spoke to me, “I am Controller of Circumstances and Director of Decisions.”  Well, I thought about that statement and coupled it with Joseph’s story.  When he was 17 years old he told his brothers he was going to rule them.  That’s not exactly smart to tell your ten older brothers you are going to be over them.  His youthful immaturity caused his brothers to hate him and sell him into Egyptian slavery.  Actually, his brother’s behavior served God’s purposes, the God who controls our circumstances.  Then, Joseph made a mistake.  He knew his master’s wife had eyes for him.  In spite of that, he inadvertently went alone into his master’s home to carry on his work.  Consequently, his master’s wife accused Joseph of attacking her.  This got him thrown into prison.  Nevertheless, the Director of Decisions and Controller of Circumstances used this incident to achieve divine purposes.

When you can’t find anything but fault with yourself, stop it.  Look to the Director of Decisions and the Controller of Circumstances.  Reject all ruthless introspection.  We are not saying we are perfect.  We are saying our God is flawless.  He is the one that counts!

 Be greatly encouraged,

 Pastor James and Delores

God watching over earth


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